The face behind Teaching and so Fourth

In 2012 Bethany Humphrey, the face behind Teaching and so Fourth, began her teaching career in a 6th Grade classroom in Olive Branch, Mississippi. After Mississippi, Ms. Humphrey relocated to Las Cruces, New Mexico where she taught Kinder, 1st , and 2nd  graders in a multi-age classroom. Currently she resides in Las Vegas, Nevada teaching 4th graders. Teaching has taken Ms. Humphrey from the Southeast to the Southwest, with one constant, her passion for using musical strategies as a means to help students learn. This passion has not only created a positive teaching and learning environment but produced definitive results in the classroom. Now, Ms. Humphrey shares her passion for breaking the traditional mold of instruction through district and regional professional development seminars. Ms. Humphrey’s mission and methodologies allow her to reach the highest point of student engagement.